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Title: Girl Undone
Author: the girl that was
Date Submitted: 3/29/2014

Poem: she keeps a smile upon her face, that hides a secret grimace as the shards of broken glass within, stab into her innards..
she warms her hands before she touches yours, so you cannot feel the cold, that radiates from inside her broken heart and missing soul..
when she turns from you her face melts into that of a sad clown.. eyes and lips droop almost to the ground.. it would be comical, except it isn''''t..
if you are near her for too long, you will see the world start to change.. corners get sharper, colours get brighter, things move faster, and you will develop a ringing in the brain that never ends.. the pain she radiates is infectious and permanent.. "stay clear of that one, she is damaged.. like radioactive explosion victim damaged."
they will dissect her when she dies, open her up and examine the contents of her body.. they will wear gas masks when they do, there will be four of them in the dark room, dressed in white, scared to make the first slice. but they shouldn''''t be, they won''''t find much, pills, ashes and broken glass mostly.. "she had the hollow eyes, it doesn''''t surprise me that she is empty inside"...