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Title: The sentence....
Author: DJ
Date Submitted: 3/26/2014

Poem: Reality is a crime in the mind,
You don''t give a damn who you leave behind.
This is what bipolar disorder
Does to the natural order.

You''re a hero, a messiah and one of fame.
No one can deter you from this claim.
To dance; to draw; to write; to paint
It''s all yours as you''re the reborn saint.

But wait... It stops and smashes you down.
Now you''re nothing more than a turned around clown.
No voice; no color; no gust.
A book on a shelf glazed in dust.

Your story and journey has no end
Cold darkness, your only friend.
Wasting away in a clammy space,
You MUST believe in a saving grace.

She will whisk you away without a shadow of a doubt
In faith, love and hope...

Your innocence forever free, you''re worth the fight!...