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Title: Lost
Author: Lixuexox
Date Submitted: 3/11/2014

Poem: When you think as a child who you wanted to be,
As you grow up, you go through different trials where you end up being the complete opposite.
Lost, confused and insecure.

Trying to be happy
Trying to forgive
Trying to live
Who am i?

Every day as i wake up i no longer see the beauty in life.
All i want to do is crawl in a dark hole and die.

Feels like a continuous dark cloud that shadows over me where i see no light.

Trying not to give up
Trying to love
Trying to live
Who am i?

I am mel, I am broken, I am lost, I am confused, I am sad, I am in pain, I am worthless, I am a failure, I am insecure
I need help!

Save me from myself....