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Title: Finding Reality
Author: Smadam
Date Submitted: 2/11/2014

Poem: You find a family of brother to share the load
You find a woman to walk by your side down the road
Life is bright and the future is clear
And then reality changes

You choke on every breath
You have to escape or it''s certain death
Life is suffocating and the future is a bleak bore
And then reality closes in

You feel your heart racing as you make your run
You see how the opposite of what you had
is the only way to have fun
Life is a game of craps and the future is gambling
And then reality breaks

You wake to find a life of regret
You remember your past and remember the emotional debt
Life is dark, lonely, and ridden with guilt
And then reality remains

You see your brothers living the life
you worked so hard to get
You find your love with another man she met
Life is spent wondering why you threw it all away
And then reality responds
Because you''re crazy...