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Title: no more no
Author: Teko Iskuri
Date Submitted: 2/8/2014
Email: tekoiskuri@gmail.com

Poem: I donít know no more am I up or down
It is one and the same, I race and cheer
and cry and fear, of death and life
with wine or knife, I run and fall
stand up so tall, to crash
and burn and lift me up, to toss me down
I hate this love, love for nothing
hate myself, love of nothing
Love myself, no emotions
no more pain, no more feelings
gone insane, wake up
to destruction, hate myself
what did I do?
hide. I have to hide. I need to run. I need to go
I have to leave. LET ME GO! Why wonít you let me go?
I am bad. I am evil. Canít be trusted. I am shit.
Leave me be. I donít deserve. I am not good. I am not well. let me sleep, please I beg you, make me fly
fly fly with me, High up, as high as it goes
Limits... borders, I see none
Consequences, fuck them, Go Go GO GO!
Race, RUN, FLY, hide, fade