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Title: Ronin
Author: Heather Saine
Date Submitted: 1/22/2014
Email: heathersaine@gmail.com

Poem: Waging a war with oneself is by far the most devastating of all
It is hard to fight an enemy that is in your head
You would think it would be easy to fight yourself
After all, you know all your own weaknesses
However, it is made impossible for the same reason
No one knows you like you; no one can hurt you like you
The anger and resentment towards others pales
in comparison to that which you feel for yourself
You long to hurt yourself even though the pain you already feel is unbearable
There is no escaping it
Even the brief escapes are often met with anger and impatience for others
Simply to temporarily deflect it from yourself
You turn on others like a vicious animal
Screaming and yelling incoherently
Adamant that how you are feeling is valid and justified
When in reality it is irrational, destructive,
and completely unfounded
Those who chose to stay by your side are damaged
Sometimes beyond repair
And then you are left alone
Only one soldier left to wage the war
Without support, your defeat is inevitable
For your brain is an undefeated warlord
And hari kari becomes your only option
So you fall on your own sword simply for some release
For no other option can be found to escape
from that which is inescapable
The war is lost, the enemy has won
And you are the spoils
What a disappointing treasure to claim...