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Title: Simple girl, Complicated mind
Author: Heather Saine
Date Submitted: 1/21/2014
Email: heathersaine@gmail.com

Poem: Why is it that which is supposed to make me feel better
Instead makes me cease to feel?
Is it better to feel nothing or everything at once?
The depths of human emotion
Could crush you under their weight
But without those emotions, life means nothing
No wonder I wish to die
They''ve taken away that which made me who I am
I am little more than a zombie now
Wandering through this world
In search of something I never seem to find
Probably because I don''t even know what it is that I am looking for
I don''t know anyone anymore
Most of all, myself
I used to know me
But now everything in my head is fuzzy and dull
I can only seem to make out lines and shapes
Nothing is ever clear anymore
What I wouldn''t give just to be normal
The only normality for me is knowing I''ll always be tired
Tired of crying
Tired of hiding
Tired of who I am
And who I am not...