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Title: Storm Rage
Author: Anonymous
Date Submitted: 1/21/2014

Poem: The storm quietly builds with constant watching eyes
Searching for a place of vicious wrath
Internal echoes sweep the mountains into stillness
While the grumbling speak only of burdened rage

Tormented into actions the downpour begins
A manifestation of guilt from lost control
Fighting to regain a semblance of mastery
As the clouds gather for the desired release

Dwellings of timber and stone though study in structure
Close their eyes for the imminent onslaught
While the sisters of the storm eagerly wait
With hungry eyes on the carrion that will remain

Searching for a weakness boiling with impatience
Drawing further from endless resources of fear
Leaving a wake of needless damage in it''s path
The storm-rage carries on without final release

Drawn out to the tumulus expanse of the sea
The innocent cower in thankful relief
As the storm finally purges to an uncaring jury
Then waits for the chance to boil with renewed rage