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Title: Pills
Author: Leslie St. Germain
Date Submitted: 12/29/2013
Email: lesliebug5@gmail.com

Poem: As the tears fall my heart
breaks and shatters to pieces on
this dirty carpeted floor
This voice that speaks to me is a
broken voice of my reality
I am sorry for my inability to control
my angry aggressive madness or
even my words of kindness that
may seem unhealthy to you
Have you ever been so down you
wanted to die or so high you thought
you could fly? Maybe this pill or that pill
will help maybe one more of this will even
her out, it''s not easy to swallow my
sanity every day, but that is my life
and I will love you from afar and
thank you for honesty and strength
Know that I am aware of my faults
you do not have to remind me as if
you were telling me something new...