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Title: A Hidden Side
Author: Anonymous
Date Submitted: 12/3/2013

Poem: Thereís more to me than what you see
Youíre familiar with my smiles, laughter and glee
What you donít know is the side I hide
In my room til itís gone - any proof I have cried

I donít want to be viewed as someone ungrateful
I donít want to admit Iím someone who is self-hateful
On paper I can list a large collection of blessings
In my head all I can focus on are things Iíve made messy

Almost three decades in, I cannot be trusted
To make normal decisions; honestly Iím disgusted
With myself, with my actions, the thoughts in my head
ďSuch a sweet, beautiful girl - why would she want to be dead?Ē
Thatís what would be said if I took to the lead
Not an option for me, I wonít be misled
By the statistics, percentages, the supposed facts
They say one in five of us will succumb to the cracks,
Weíll give in to the ďflawsĒ, lack of proper brain composition
They say 20% will take their own lives - but I refuse to listen

Besides, a part of me will not trust or allow
Someone else to take my place in the things I do now
You see I like things done a certain way
Like cleaning, organizing, or feeding the dogs at a certain time of day...