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Title: Yoga
Author: Meredith Sloan
Date Submitted: 12/1/2013

Poem: The first time I did yoga,
I was pie-in-the-sky manic.
I could twist my body into anything.
My failed attempts were hilarious.
I giggled for an hour and a half.

But what I remember best
Is the peculiar feeling
Of my own significance.
I could see it stretching upward above me
Like a skyscraper
Or a canyon wall.

I was terrified.
Intensely worried about the woman next to me.
I just wanted her to know that I wasn’t judging her
That I was thinking of a way to save her.

That I could save anyone,
And I was afraid.
“Don’t be scared of it,” I thought.
“This is what you were made for.”

As I stretched my legs and arms
Halfway to the moon
I dreamt of the future.
I dreamt of the savior.
I dreamt of myself....