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Title: Seroquel Dreams
Author: Meredith Sloan
Date Submitted: 11/29/2013

Poem: Do not talk about the pills that
you''re taking. It''s not table conversation.
But it''s what I have to say.
When someone asks "How are you?" I
Either bite my teeth into a grin
and give the standard "Good. And you?"
or I launch into a monologue about

lithium or klonopin or my seroquel dreams.
Don''t lower the lithium until you''re stable.
You can stand the tremor until then.
Careful with klonopin, or it''ll be next
Tuesday before we see you awake. And

seroquel. don''t go see a midnight premiere and then take some, because the seroquel dreams have a field day with movies, especially in theaters, and just might take you
back there. But it''s different, because they''re in your
own head with your memories and they fold them into any pattern they want to.

I have friends who enjoy these little
talks, who laugh and ask "Have you
ever tried ... and give me a story
of their own prescription drug use.
And my hands shake, and I wake up at 4
to get water, and I dream seroquel''s
brand of unreality. But so do these

friends. And we talk about drugs. And
psychiatrists, and family history, and there''s humor
in it I wouldn''t have seen by myself.
It''s a side effect not listed on the bottles....