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Title: Get me off this merry-go-round
Author: Big
Date Submitted: 11/21/2013

Poem: There is a blackness in my soul, deep inside
where no one knows. It guides me by he hand, with promises of wonderland. It whispers in my ear, though not always clear, it''s intentions are soon known, about the passions it will own. Hate red, fear grows dark, passion grows inside the heart, murder in non corporeal ways, burning deep every day. Listen to it, it beats like a drum, growing louder as it come, hear the voice deep inside, hear it suggesting you should die. You''re filth, you''re worthless, you''re nothing, it says, not in my ear but in my head. You will be happy, they will be happy, you will not be missed, it says to me as I clench my fist. As if a switch inside my brain, darkness leaves and takes the pain. Joy abounds, it brings new light, it tells me that I should not fight. Let us run, let us jump, let us go go go go without stop. We are a god, we are a king, we can fly we can sing! Move move move move move move move move, stop. Fast as a light being snuffed out, the darkness again comes about. Welcome to my life, the up and down, the pain delight. With no control I am thrown around, first up then down, then up and down. Many before have taken their lives, just to be stable to end the fight. Though not I, I must push on, I must be brave, I must hold on....