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Title: Goodbye Letter for Mother
Author: Justin Austria
Date Submitted: 11/19/2013
Email: justin.austria@yahoo.com

Poem: Let me tell the world that it was not you who caused this.
Down on both knees I will make them believe, that this was all me.
The violin plays, and keeps on playing, to the tune of your tears.
And for all these years, there has always been a narrow door opening,
yet I kept shutting it. Afraid of what''s behind;
more sorrow, the endless cycle.

Please don''t punish yourself, don''t be deranged, and like you said, please don''t go insane.
Avoid the piercing needles, the open flame,
avoid my dejected photographs. Let them go, don''t thirst the heavy rain.

You, who have sacrificed happiness for me. You, who have collected sleepless nights,
putting one ear to my bedroom door just to know if I''m still breathing. You, who would feed me when I was too sad to eat a meal. Who would watch me sleep just to make sure my heart won''t skip a beat. Who''d never grow tired of begging me, with the most sincere frown, to try my best to be happy.

I am very sorry. I have broken my promise.
But these legs were tired, my back, so sore.
Head, cowered all over my cold bathroom floor.

Please listen. I don''t need you to understand,
but what I need is for you to forgive me.
Forgive me, Mother, anchor of my soul.
And if you can''t, please learn,
with all the living strength left inside you,
learn to let me go...