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Title: White Washed Wall
Author: Rebecca Davidson
Date Submitted: 11/13/2013

Poem: Staring at the white washed wall, Is it time to end it all?
My focus shifts from good to bad, From bad to good, from happy to sad.
I feel so much but feel so little, Unable to move, feel dead, feel brittle,
My hands clasp tight engulfed with fright, Dreaming of an end tonight.
A deep breath in to feel the life, A wonderful family, a mother, a wife,
A daughter, a friend, a sister, a Grandchild, Damaging pain so solemn and wild.
Determination cries out "it can be done",You will survive, this can be won,
Fight this demon with all your will, Be brave, be brave, don''t take the pills.
Feeling that breath once more inside, The fight begins, I stand with pride,
This body of mine is not a toy, Bipolar you will not destroy.
I stand alone misunderstood, Understand? I wish they would,
They just can''t see behind this veil, My scarlet face so drained and pale.
Who wants to be a friend of mine? A friend who never seems to try? A friend who cries, who sleeps, who wallows, A friend who drinks, who falls, who bellows.
If only they could see inside, The determined girl who loves with pride, The girl who fights through every day,
The girl who fights to find a way.
For those who won''t give me the time, I feel a loss that''s yours not mine, Bipolar makes me love so deeply.
Bipolar makes me care so sweetly.
Bipolar has so much to give,
It makes me fight, it makes me live,
It shows me who I want to be,
It holds me back, it sets me free.
Have time my friend, have time for me,
Take two steps back, what do you see?
I am alive, determined but broken,
In need of love, my words are spoken....