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Title: Mania Calls
Date Submitted: 11/9/2013
Email: euphoricradar@yahoo.com

Poem: Mania and her grips,she claws,she scratches,
she screams and yells!What to do when she unleashes her fury.She drags you in and entices you with her beauty..Ohh so sweet to taste as it becomes a game of give and take.FREEDOM!FREEDOM!FREEDOM! you yell in the middle of the street as by passers walk on by its well aware I''m not in control of my MANIC HIGH. Oh well I love this feeling of being on a natural high no matter how many people think I''m on drugs or fried.I tell them yeah I''m high!!!High on L...LIFE!!!These are the words that MANIA whispers into your ears that you are perfectly fine and you are all mine somehow MANIA becomes bitter what she''s saying now doesn''t quiet make sense anymore???I''m thinking all this now as the nurse gives me my pills and shows me to my room..MANIA I''M DOOMED!!!Now slow down....slow down....MANIA is now being tamed or put on a leash in the meantime...Until she awakens again...