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Title: Manic Munday(ne)
Author: Cassie
Date Submitted: 10/20/2013

Poem: Walking on a tightrope wire, Below my feet is a sweltering fire
Do deny this aberration would make me a liar
A cacophony of voices dancing in my brain
Trying to calm my body to make me sane
Can''t stop the thoughts from becoming a deluge of rain
My body is in constant motion
Swaying as if a squall in the ocean
Trying to keep control of my emotions
Lights so bright its making my mind shriek
My thoughts so fast - a lightning streak
I never want to leave this mountain peak
Taste and sound is so profound
Running with my feet off the ground
Everything is spinning round and round
I never want to come down and be found
Dizzy river quivering, Neurons are exploding
Dopamine is overflowing, Like a volcano exploding
The electricity is about to hit the pool
Never wanting to lose control is the rule
The meds are not my tool
Trying to dampen me is cruel
I am wading in the depths of hell
Keeping mind closed - I will never tell
The trazadone makes me all but a shell
Blazing embrace welcomes me with open arms
The singe of my skin feels so good it never harms
The lunacy is a necklace of charms
Admired, but conspired the pitchfork pierces my skin
The loss of control is my shield from sin...