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Title: Love Your Lyfe
Author: Lambon Muhammeed
Date Submitted: 10/17/2013
Email: Hikmahh6@gmail.com

Poem: Under this deserted bridge,this putrid comrade
gathered the words of his last prayer
And filled each into the ears of the grand rabb.
In anguish he stared at the famished scavengers that awaited him,
And the razor sharped chain saw of cannabis caught his jingular veins.
He has joined the lot that use to have drug meals with us in this filthy inn.
I equally stared at the waste of this poor mate in sobs
And buried the sacks of drugs I held.

The toxin of drugs have substituted the beauty of his unfulfilled dreams to pollute us with his stench
And equally my own dreams are at stake for I know in few days the same scavengers shall ferment my flesh to equally announce my departure.
I would have loved to have written on my epitaph if only I had any that abusing drugs poison life.
We fell madly in love with our enemy and it waged us right!