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Title: Four Stories High
Author: swdc
Date Submitted: 10/12/2013

Poem: See the girl in the walkup, out the window she stares
Watches the others; so carefree, at ease
Wonders what they feel; about what do they care?
Unease defines that girl; she’s learned to be scared

She’s been here and there, but never for long
Wanders through life, clings to her songs
Has difficulty taming her fright
Though she tries with what’s left of her might

Stays within the lines for a while
Glides through the motions, security for her kind
Absent of emotion she does alright
Until her passions once again ignite

Fights her way through the safety web she’s spun
Claws her way out, once more the battle won
Allows the warmth of others shining like the sun
Feeling for a time the light she’s learned to shun