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Title: Inner Child
Author: Leslie St Germain
Date Submitted: 8/6/2013
Email: lesliebug5@gmail.com

Poem: In this darkness there is but one voice
the voice of a child
She is scared and screaming
because the light never comes near
It is I who has to comfort her
this child with the same name
I will bring her into the light
and gently brush away her tears
I tell her it is not I who put her there
but it is I who did not see
I will talk gently to her spirit
and let her know I am finally here
This child with the name I know so well
is going to depend on me to stay near
I tell her I will take her out of here
but she would like to know my name
I ever so softly whisper my name
and finally look into her eyes
to see this child who has the same name I know so well...