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Title: Manic in Wonderland
Author: Samantha Tyler
Date Submitted: 7/22/2013
Email: electrafeels@icloud.com

Poem: I created a world inside of my head,
I chose to live my life there instead.
I abandoned my friendships and family ties,
I replaced the truth with various lies.
inside a wonderland lacking of rules,
full with carnivorous rabbits and bumbling fools.
I will never be deceived by the friends in my brain,
they can''t make me worse because I am already insane.
A twisted reversal of what''s inside Alice,
a blinding tunnel smothered in malice.
I can''t be late because I am decades too early,
the mad twatter came off as mad hatted and surly.
I tried to make plans for the tea party at eight,
but I had to cancel and he grew very irate.
I went on to see the wicked red queen,
she told me nice things when I was told she was mean.
Never listen to a small town''s perception,
learn for yourself if it is truth or deception.
I had to leave this place and travel back to reality,
so much time passed and relationships had reached their finality......