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Title: The Elaborate Ebony Swan
Author: Samantha Tyler
Date Submitted: 7/17/2013

Poem: I have been split into two
versions of one whole,
a garden variety angel
and a demon without a soul.
I can no longer gaze into a mirror
without seeing the crack,
a part of me shines white,
and the other so black.
I touch the reflection to see
if I can fix what''s been broken,
one side so warm, one side so cold,
but neither has yet spoken.
When I am sad the dark shadow
takes me over without much fight,
I watch from inside this body
unable to move or scream out in fright.
When my dark side recoils
it leaves me with regret,
It''s like a waking nightmare
jumping up in cold sweat.
Maybe one day when I look
at my reflection the crack will be gone,
I will no longer be a slave
to the dark side, I will no longer...
be a pawn....