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Title: only floating
Author: VMJ
Date Submitted: 6/24/2013

Poem: When youíre manic you forget to breathe
Forget your name or how to pronounce it
Write so fast your pen canít keep up
Canít concentrate
Canít remember last night
Ideas flow like a flock of birds, squawking, squawking
Youíre overwhelmed but so alive
Like treading water in the open sea
Interruptions are fatal
Could sink
Or worse, lose a thought
I wonder, I wonder
Is this my voice?
Blurring, blurring, a race car across the page

When youíre manic a part of you wants
To crawl back into the womb
To the moments before your brain caught fire
And the sea wanted no treading
Only floating
Treading fingers
Life depends on my typing
This will change the world
I will change the world
With a single voice
Charged lioness roar....