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Title: Toxic Being for a Toxic World
Author: Ian
Date Submitted: 6/23/2013

Poem: Toxicity is what we all love. Toxicity is what we do
to pass the time. Toxicity is in our water. Toxicity is in the air we breath. Burning chemicals from our toxic cities. Floating these scared chemicals into every inch of space in this toxic world. Toxic is a smile. Toxic is the waste we produce. Toxic how we make energy. Toxic is the world we live in. Toxic to have a drink. Toxic is it to do a line. Toxic is it to take the pills they prescribe. Humans we are the toxicity that we make and rate.

Toxic is my brain. Depression is toxic. Mania however is mine, as this toxicity is all my own. A caring person would do all that he can to not be toxic to those around him. Alas I''m low again so fuck this world, have some toxicity....