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Title: Who Am I ?
Author: Adrian Galltier
Date Submitted: 6/16/2013
Email: agalltier@gmail.com

Poem: They say that I''m crazy. Well, damn, aint it true?
God gave you a blessing and to me he was cruel.
I''m living a lie. I''m not who you see.
The Doc says I''m broken. He wants to fix me.
He gave me a pill to swallow a day
but hell, now everything is in a big haze
I watch things go by. I do not know why.
Was I born to make others cry?
These pills subdue the true me
So the naked eye can''t see
The person I was born to be
Who would do this to me?
My mother, my brothers and sister all see
The turmoil I cause
because it is me who rocks down their walls.
I hear stories of suicides, prisons and hospitals
Stories of jobs lost and children taken to uncles
Am I a devil? Can I succeed?
Can I succeed and still be me?
Is it a rarity with this disease?
Was I evil in my past life, a life I cannot remember?
Did I kill? Did I steal?
Did I use a huge temper? Will my kids be damned?
A slave to the pill?Will they be cursed enough to kill?
I was born crazy. A broken young being.
I do not know why.
Am I seeing the same things you are seeing?
I just hope when I die
I will be done with this sentence
and live a normal life because I''ve payed my repentence...