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Title: The Wall
Date Submitted: 6/13/2013
Email: lesliebug5@gmail.com

Poem: The wall i have built is made of bricks and mortar
it is tall, strong and sturdy
with my blood, sweat and tears
Behind this wall so tall i can not feel
or see anything at all
because my senses are no use to me
they are built into this wall
This wall was built very quickly you see
and was put up with expertise
i know every brick in this wall
because it was i who put them there
Many have tried to break through my wall
only to find out that after so many bricks come down they are put back up again
because it is the one thing that protects me
It is only I who can take this wall down
because it is I who built it so well
It has taken me many years to even acknowledge
the wall is there
and it will take me many years to take down
today I will take a chance
and take the first brick down
remembering this wall is tall and sturdy
it has to come down with the same way it was built
with blood, sweat and tears...