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Title: Tick tock
Author: Bill Nasset
Date Submitted: 6/12/2013

Poem: Crack, crack, crack, my thoughts are building,
Crunch, crunch, crunch, my thoughts are building!
Like a pressure cooker left on too long, too tight,
it builds, it builds, it builds.
You can''t run, you can''t run, you can''t run
from yourself, no matter if you try,
for yourself is always with you, always by your side.
No matter what these thoughts say I do,
they tell me, they tell me, they tell me to hurt you.
I must fight them; they are too strong!
I must fight them; they are too strong!
Fight, fight, fight, lose.
Like a gong in my mind it splits
and my thoughts flow like indelible rain,
the horrors I kept locked up deep inside
let loose on this world, nobody can hide!
The voices they told me to hunt and to kill,
I act on them, blood I must spill!
I feel the knife, it cuts deep through my arms.
The deed is done, my life has begun....