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Title: I''m Not That Girl
Author: Redefining
Date Submitted: 5/14/2013
Email: regularinsanity@gmail.com

Poem: I''m not that girl -
Impulsively wild and fearlessly reckless
With outgoing energy and endlessly spinning dreams.
Except I am.

I''m not that girl -
Cripplingly shy and anxiously waiting
For everyone I''ve ever loved to suddenly disappear.
Except I am.

I''m the girl with the unpredictable spirit
Who embodies the extremes of simply being.
I''m the girl who can contradict herself
A thousand times over but still believe
Each tangent to be undeniably true.
I''m the girl with such depth in her heart
That threatens to implode at any moment
Assuming her mind doesn''t explode first.

I''m not that girl -
Unable to think in a straight line
While the heights of life drown out all reason.
Except I am.

I''m not that girl -
Self destructing almost by accident
But not caring enough to act in either direction.
Except I am....