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Title: Kafka Palaver
Author: Anonymous
Date Submitted: 4/29/2013

Poem: Is my writing unique?
Perhaps it''s too obscure or enigmatic.
Will anyone read my verse?
I doubt anyone but God will witness this.
Nowhere will reproduce me for I have burned all my bridges and I entertain the possibility
of profound failure.
I tried to follow the protocol
which provides certain uncertainties
and now I grasp at my sense which was our concept
which was your idea of absolute truth
that remains missing.
Oh despair for this enjoyment
and then for horror
and then for death
and then you may rejoice
for this fearful strain and joy.
The stakes were always too high
and the rules keep changing
into fixed boundaries that become absent
I cannot stay anonymous, rootless,
I cannot escape
these four static walls
while everything''s changing
The world demands a concentration of forces
and so all the energy I spend
I do without return.
Burn them when I''m gone. Burn it all.
The door was still with a jab of the stick slammed shut and all was completely silent.