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Title: Slow Me Down
Author: Katrina Bergman
Date Submitted: 4/25/2013

Poem: Slow me down,
Take away this whisky crown,
It''s never worked before,
Just made me hurt the more.
Lyrics flowing through my mind,
Too fast to write them down,
Drowning in the whisky crown.
Cover me!
Keep me on the ground.
For it will not be with eagles that I fly,
But with the black winged ravens,
through the horror, bye and bye.
Spinning in a tornado of confusion,
Beginning to believe my own illusion.
Going up too far,
Though I will never touch a silver star.
For I will fall again,
To the place that seems to never end.
Where for those like me,
They always toll the bell,
Of a place known as living hell....