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Title: Dear Angel.
Author: Sarah Curtis
Date Submitted: 4/18/2013

Poem: Its stormin today,
not a light in sight.
The teardrops in my eyes,
roll in a rhythm with the ones in the window,
through which i''m starin,
just waitin for tomorrow,
hopin for my path to be clearer
in which i''m walkin.
The liquid in my eyes,
blurs me so I am blind.
So all I do,
now, is reachin for you,
callin out your name.
Dear angel,
beautiful angel,
Will you help me take this step,
and hold me up to fly?
I need your support now,
Dear angel.
I need your grip now,
Dear mysterious angel.
I need your light now,
Dear oh so holy angel,
For I am weak.
Let me see life in those starry eyes;
Let me feel faith in the palm of your hand;
Let me feel wisdom at the sound of your voice.
Help me walk this crumbled path,
until I can walk it on my own....