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Title: The Rose of White
Author: katrina Bergman
Date Submitted: 4/17/2013

Poem: In heaven somewhere far from us,
Yet always there for us.
Entwined, in silver jewel,
stars like diamonds shine,
On the watch of God''s goodly time.
He who rules all eternally.
He the king of the mended hearts.
He upon the throne of white,
with angels at his side day and night.
He the Father of the Son.
He the place of prayer at dawn of day,
and day be done.
He the poet that I read,
He the song that I sing,
when bells of heaven ring.
He the king of my bleeding heart.
He the one like a dove of love,
Once dipped in blood,
Now our savior set apart.
He the king of every humbled heart....