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Title: My and my shadows.
Author: kathryn parton
Date Submitted: 3/12/2013
Email: kathparton@yahoo.co.uk

Poem: I''ve just been introduced to you after all these years, the one that kept me mostly invincible
with odd days of despair.
You saved my life, but now it fills me with fear,
that I now need to control you,
but I''m merely an amateur.

You were my remedy,
self prescribed to prevent my own tragedy.
Sometimes your dose is too high and I lose all clarity.
Other days I meet the dark dog,
overwhelmed with my doom and negative thoughts.

Oh here we go, that wicked high,
pressure of speech, just one last try.
You''re my moth to a flame,
but I''m so tired of playing your game.
I yawn for the hundredth time, not from refreshed sleep
just from hours lying down,
Dawn approaches, eyes tight shut,
this sleeplessness is turning my mind.
I need to sleep, I try, I try, I try, but what''s the point when I''m rewarded with this high?
I can feel you getting close, my antidote, my overdose.
How do I prevent myself falling for you, when you give me the ability to say yes, yes, yes and to do, do, do?

I''ve lost who I was
and now need to understand who I am,
it''s hard to translate this to others,
it''s like they don''t give a damn.
So it''s me and my shadows searching for the truth
in a world where being mentally ill can be so cruel....