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Title: Roundabout
Author: Taneesha Jayne
Date Submitted: 3/8/2013
Email: Neeshynoobum2@gmail.com

Poem: I feel like I''ve been on a round-a-bout, the days have all merged into one.
kaleidoscope of colours, like an oil painting that was left in the rain.
That''s what it''s like being on a round about.
It''s only been 24 hours of spinning and everything is a fragment of the distance.
You reach out but you can find enough strength to follow through with the ever increasing task of priority.
It doesn''t go up or down.
You just spin, out of control - clockwise or anticlockwise.
You don''t choose.
You never choose.
It takes your breath away.
Your lungs have filled up with your feelings.
You gasp for air, and there''s a sudden rush of an overwhelming sensation.
The dripping of the tears, like a burden of emotions you can''t control.
The spinning slows down and when you stop you just sit and realise that round-a-bout you were sitting on
was all in your head....