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Title: A Plea To Insanity
Author: Natalie Windt
Date Submitted: 2/21/2013
Email: magillicuddy22@cs.com

Poem: There was something beautiful inside which
made living life so vivid
And colors far too bright
but also shelled out a certain sadness
which blackened up the night
I became a passenger forever on this
boardwalk roller coaster with no lever
Tracks which click clack, click clack
propel me toward my destination
There is no turning back
The alien operator pilot smiles down at me
Up, up, up, how high does this thing go?
I never really know.
But oh, isn’t the view from up here lovely?
And the thought like a carousel spins round and round
What goes up, what goes up …What goes up?
Must come down!
And that alien releases the break I feel
A breath inside sears and holds forever round this
Tunnel like force of air pushes against me
I smile like mad, and grit my teeth
I release my hands into the dark reaching out for pleasure, and pain I scream again, again, again!
And sometimes how do I get off this thing?
Oh no I just keep going
Ch-ch-ch up the wooden hills and
Down whoosh, the rolling madness
Laughing and crying at the beauty
and insanity of it all...