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Title: The Lack of Lithium - Questions about God - Spoken Word/Freeverse
Author: Anonymous
Date Submitted: 1/10/2013

Poem: Is my belief in God a threat to you?
Does my belief in a higher force
make me a delusional fool?

Is it the lack of lithium
that causes me to feel
that I''ve heard God speak to me
Is what I''m feeling not real?

Is it all a a facade?
Should I be scared to acknowledge?
"The truth shall set you free"
but it hurts to be honest.

What are the limitations
for you to consider me sane?
I shouldn''t think "grandiose"
but I should feel like the crud of the earth
and be ashamed

Be a mentally ill patient
not a child of God
Is that what you wish?
Is my condition the cause of these doubts?

Is it because I feel in tune with the world
and feel God''s presence?
But fuck it,
I guess what I''m feeling is the Lack of Lithium,
it''s the Lack of Lithium...