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Title: Feeling Behind These Hidden Doors
Author: Kenny
Date Submitted: 1/10/2013
Email: KendraCGress@comcast.net

Poem: I feel like everything is leaving me slowly,
I am sad,I cause the sadness,But do me really,I donít know,Why I feel,Feeling of sadness,Why should I feel these feelings?Shall I choose to be the sad feeling?I donít know,I donít have any answers,So leave me alone,I want to go to sleep,And rest my eyes,And have a dream,Of beautiful deceit,I am that deceit,I am never the person,Who is loved?,I donít care I love people anyways,That is why I love those who love me,I choose to take the footsteps,Of those who try to love,But then everything gets crushed,Under a large foot,I am me,I choose to be me,I am me,I choose to live like myself,So donít try to change me,I love who I want to love,For these two shall pass,And I am sad now,But will be better later,Then I am better later,Than I am sad again,I donít understand this stupid emotional bend,I hate my stupid emotional painful deceit,But do I really,I love pain just hit me with your words,your painful words,Cruel words,Because I understand what you have to say,But somethingís are meant to be unsaid,But things are meant to be said,So maybe your right,I give up,Because this too shall pass,And I will feel sadness and pain once again,And it will be once again better,Once again,But for right know,I feel this pain,Please just leave me be,Iím meant to be a freed soul,A free girl flowing throughout the wind,Flying solo,Because when you say the things you just did,It hurts,And it hurts deep way down deep,In my heart,I need a beautiful song or melody,To help my poor little soul,For wicked truth,Has torn me apart....