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Title: Cycles
Author: sabina
Date Submitted: 11/27/2012
Email: sbender7219@aol.com

Poem: My body is weary,
But my mind can’t stop.
Flashes – bright – white – hot,
Swift, intense, flying,
Arcing, shimmering, shuddering,
Fight their way out.
An idea zips in,
I try to pin it down,
But - fast – flash –
And away, it is gone.
Another comes, and another,
and another, and another.
Piling up, rushing, hurling, fleeting –
I wonder what happens when –
I bet no one’s thought of that –
I think I’ll try –

And music, delicate, beautiful, ethereal,
Every instrument’s song
Distinct, clear, crystal-sharp,
Like the voice of God.
I lift my face, feel the floating light close.
The notes flit through darkened sky,
Dipping, soaring, glittering fusion –
Pale pink, silver, warm gold, bright
And bursting yellow-blue-white....