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Title: shut up brain!
Author: sammy hancock
Date Submitted: 10/11/2012

Poem: okay so its one of those evenings.
im chain smoking and thoughts are going round and round in my head like a whirlwind that never stops. im fat, im ugly, im cute, im chubby. i can be a star. i will be famous. no i cant be famous, i suck. no one likes a goofy chubby 25 year old that cant even look after herself. DLA who needs it. i dont have no disability. im just different from the average person. but then someone has the same mind as me and i dont like it. i can do whatever anybody else does. it just might take me longer and be more of a theme park journey to get there. i just need to go for it, but not to the extreme where i feel drunk and weird. i might just crash back down again. tears are flowing my eyes but im not upset, i feel half depressed and half hyper. i cant stop talking, but no one seems to be listening or paying me attention. its gone past dinner time and im not hungry. i feel awake but i also feel sleepy. is there such a feeling? i hate my hair. i used to have nice long hair but then i got it cut off. i feel like im in a dream, like none of this is real. people are liking my facebook status and they have no idea what it means. im a genius, but no one seems to notice. i saved my dads life once and no one seems to have noticed. dont ignore me im talking to you!...