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Title: My Dreams in Pieces
Author: Leah
Date Submitted: 8/5/2012
Email: leahm20382@hotmail.com

Poem: I work so hard
I fight so hard
I want to be admired
But find my best is altered
It takes away my potential
To be the person I should have been

I work so hard. I push myself;
It is not good enough you see
I canít be the person I want to be

I need to rest, not use the up, the fight
The well is empty despite it all
Acceptance of trying so hard, for an average result
Is the reason I cannot cope

I canít fight the beast anymore, I must rest
Manage the beast, not fight it, is apparently the best
Surrender to the beast?
Ah what a release, but my dreams will be in pieces
My career shattered
Itís time to rest, and relinquish control.
The balance to be found, deep within my soul
Damn this perfectionism, and damn the beast

I shall surrender, build my strength, and then come out and cut the beast
Back again Iíll find myself.
Redefine my life and its measure of success

Success I hope will be found, not in my career or peers but within from where it should live....