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Title: Its ME- the poetic way
Author: Mayank J
Date Submitted: 5/27/2012
Email: lpmetal09@gmail.com

Poem: I don''t know but sometimes why
being alone makes me fly,
I forget about the blue and green ball
and laugh at my own silly jokes
which cant influence a hall,
I am a lil bit introvert
and can be opened up with a lil effort,
But mostly i talk to myself facing the sun
hoping to introspect and help me in long run,
i am my own best friend dont need anyone to rely
i will always stand by myself i ply,
I have my goals set
i would not stop before i get them i bet,
i admit my life is a little bit boring
but to see the rainbow i have to bear the pouring,
Yeah i said, i dont need anyone to rely
but sometime it hurts
not having someone except me to stand by,
But i dont lose hope i dont cry
coz i know every coin has a flipside,...