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Title: Bi-Polar Poem
Author: Puerto
Date Submitted: 5/14/2012

Poem: I loved when the sun shone on my face
I loved when our eyes met and made my heart race
I loved when your hand brushed against mine
I loved when you gave me all of your time
I loved when you smiled and played with my hair
I loved when you''d come up and hug me from behind
when I didn''t know you were there.
I love when I''m gone and you''re wishing I''m there.

I love when it''s over and I get to see your tears.
I love when my eyes open up to the truth
I love watching karma turn around and f**k you.
I hate when the sun shines on my face;
it just blinds me.
I hate looking into your cold dead eyes
that don''t even see the real me.
I hate that your hand ever touched mine.
I think I''ll have to shower.
I hate that I wasted all that time with you
when I could have done so much better.
I hate when you smile because your smile is fake....