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Title: Poles
Author: Marina Arjona
Date Submitted: 5/8/2012
Email: marina.r.arjona@gmail.com

Poem: Can''t sleep. Wanna sleep.
Scared of falling asleep.
Scared of falling/failing.
I have an urge to create.
Can do.
Feel I can''t.
Feeling down feeling high.
Can''t let it go, but stay up.
Tired of thinking, can''t let go.
I must create.
Feeling up and feeling down.
Lying down,looking up.
Solid, nikill was melting.
Close my eyes, my eyes won''t stop.
Shaking, but I must not stop.
How would my life without mood swings would be,
would I ever create?
Is that origin of that?
Too many thoughts to put down. Doubts.
Creating calms me down, brings me out.
Nothing like the high of a new idea.
Looking under my bed freaks me out.
I get up, I don''t want to be down.
Why writing flows now,
feeling natural when the usual is not that?
I''m scared but I''m excited.
Up and down, short time....