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Title: Expectations Lost
Author: Kate
Date Submitted: 3/6/2012

Poem: Expectations lost.
Left in the pool with my shivering soul
While I go in to warm up, sleep
And rest.
I will not stand this constant
Hammering of my soul
To the stocks just to be laughed at
When really no one is looking,
Though all the food is flying in my direction.
I will not volunteer myself to be smeared with pasty
Mold anymore. Because I do not expect love.
Acceptance is not me.
Give not take.
Sacrifice not receive.
So donít look at me.
I know youíre not looking ---
Stop looking at me.
Wait. I only thought you were looking
I just found out my eyes were closed.
You donít really care. You werenít really looking.
I really wasnít standing in the middle,
And am not the center. Forgive me.
Ok. Thatís alright,
I am here, you are there
So expectations - no more.
I will just dance.
I am free...