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Title: Drag
Author: Bobby
Date Submitted: 2/22/2012
Email: bobbyd2222@att.net

Poem: Feeling dragged down. Is it because of me?
Did I really do that or is it disease?
I don''t believe it, but professionals say
the way I act is typical in a bipolar day.
My love went away, I pushed her to the limit
I made her depressed when life was too much to visit
I hate that she''s gone but maybe its for her protection
and that makes me smile because I love her innocence.
I miss out now dealing with this on my own
In my home alone, trying to stay strong for her memory.
They say to do it for me but the things I''ve done
I can''t forgive myself.
It''s hard dealing with highs and lows where my potential gets faded, look back at the track of life and all along what I''ve found is loss of health.
Some days I eat, sometimes I don''t feel like it.
Some days I run a marathon,
others I wrap up in a blanket.
Comfort only gets me so far.
I want this without medicine.
Chemicals in my head about to give in,
messing with me this isn''t living.
7 years since I took a pill, 2 major spills,
lost a job, my love, and yes, I love her still.
I told her to go because I was acting bad.
The things I do when I feel like a drag.
Can''t believe it....