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Title: You''re Safe Now (from a fiancee)
Author: Anonymous
Date Submitted: 2/6/2012

Poem: Walking through the doors at the nurse smiling shyly.
I know this time it will be a while.
You''ve gone again, those fucking doors closed
And our daughter cries in my stomach.
Her dad won’t be back for a while
As your mind consumes all of your body.
My body lunges forward, lying face down on the dirt.
You’re safe. I tried so hard but you’re safe
As your thoughts eat your brain alive.
At least I know you’re safe
Researched 6 new medications in 7 weeks
Now I don’t recognize you but I love you
And the doctors tell me it will get better
Oh please get better. Our daughter needs you
Society’s misconception that all these people are crazy
No. No. They are getting better
Educate yourself, and your brain grows branches
Feed your brain with weeds and it dies
We''re all just people trying to get better.
Now tell me whose fault it is your brain’s screaming.
8 months later, you''re ready to come home.
You look better, but words are wounds
Now let’s hope it doesn’t happen again
Because the sounds of the doors closing never goes away
Love doesn’t change... we never signed a paper saying “for better or for worse”.
Love is standing, cold, tired, pupils wide. Standing there for when the nurse’s fucking smile makes me sick because I know you can get better
And love is nothing but change
For when you’re better, I’m whole again....