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Title: Spectrum
Author: Jak
Date Submitted: 12/7/2011

Poem: My brain, constant thoughts, rushing and racing
People scurrying, motion hurrying
Why do they ignore me?
Do I put them off? Is it how I look?
Is it what I say?
The old cliché; cover/book
Surely it cannot be me, surely
It is them? “Yes, it must be them.”
I put the people in motion, it is
I who make the people scurry
But why, why is my mind filled
With doubt and worry? Why
Must I feel this torment with
No end in sight? No light at the
End of the proverbial tunnel?
Ignore them, for they’re the
Ones in the wrong, you’re never
Wrong, you’re infallible, unmoveable,
Perfect in every way. You are the salt
The earth.
Isn’t this all chemicals?