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Title: Twinkle of the Eye
Author: Casey Rengo
Date Submitted: 11/22/2011
Email: caseyrengo@gmail.com

Poem: We all start as a twinkle of the eye,
When our parents made love under the sky,
They expressed their feelings with an act,
Their kiss sealed the pact,
This sparkle didn''t take long to react,
There was no turning back,
Their feelings were whack,
They were young but this fact,
Didn''t change their pact,
Now they had to deal with this life,
No matter the impact,
They struggled,
They just couldn''t work through their doubts,
Ended up breaking there pact,
Broke my family before I could awake,
That day my father was late,
Showed up with his date,
Leaving my mother to deal with fate,
I just wish I could relate,
But my pride would never let me be late,
To the beginning of my family because of some date,
But what I like to debate,
Is why she asked to take the food off my motherís plate,
After she walked in late,
With nothing but a fake smile like some twist of fate,
But my mother learned from that date,
To never trust my father because he is chronically late,
And to find the true person,
Of which she can relate....