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Author: brushpopper
Date Submitted: 8/2/2011

Poem: Who was she to treat me this way
Who took the love of my life away
Who is the person that came at me that night
Who is she, when she is not right

What is she doing right now
What do I do with myself now
What can I do to make things better
What can she do to make herself better

When will I no longer miss her
When will she not be in my every thought
When will she seek the help that she needs
When will she stop missing me

Why do I hold her pillow close to me at night
Why do I look for her when she''s nowhere in sight
Why do I wonder what she thinks when I get an idea
Why do I care that she is no longer here

How do I tell her I still love her
How do I tell her I cannot live with her
How do I tell her how much I care
How do I tell her

Where do I go from here
Where is she going
Where is that feeling we used to have
Where is the woman I fell in love with?...