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Title: I Wish You Would Remember
Author: Mare
Date Submitted: 7/20/2011

Poem: You ask me what happened?
What happened to that woman who was so much fun?
I wish you would remember.
I wish I had cancer or AIDS or MS.
If I did, and I went through a troubled time
You would be full of compassion and empathy.
Those illnesses are real and they are visible aren''t they? But mine? Not so much.
I wish you would remember.
You think that because I take pills I''m ok.
You confuse stabilized with cured.
Anything can trigger me - anything!
I wish you would remember.
But you don''t so I''m bad, you''re good.
I''m wrong, you''re right.
And you no longer want to be my friend.
You have relationships back to early childhood.
I don''t. Mine usually last less than two years.
I wish you would remember.
I''ve gotten used to this. Grow close, be pushed away.
Be told "I''ll love you forever." Now we don''t speak.
I wish I could be lovable. I''m not.
I wish you would remember.
Dry my tears. Dust off. Put away the pain.
Hide some more. Get ready to try again.
Try to enjoy the good times next time and
remember it will end. It will end when I die.
I wish I would remember....